Some Fun Games like Final Fantasy 2017


Whether you are new to the popular series or have played it through each of the variations the developer has introduced, if you want to find the top games like Final Fantasy, there are some fantastic ones.  Below you will find the basis I’m using to find these similar games:

  • Third person role playing action.
  • Open world to explore.
  • Randomly encountered bosses and challenges through the journey.
  • Turn based or live action *separated below*
  • Charismatic charm in the storytelling.
  • An escape to another world
  • Characters level up or get stronger with new powers


For those of you who enjoy the turn based battle system

1. Lost Odyssey

Many have said Lost Odyssey has finally captured the heart of the older final fantasy games in our modern times.   The game is rock solid with it’s polished fantasy graphics and smooth flowing gameplay.

You encounter several demons, bosses, and distinct challenges which you must complete in a similar fashion to Final Fantasy. Similarly you get a dedicated team which walks and fights with you as you proceed through an incredibly long storyline.

The main strength to the Lost Odyssey is the storytelling and characters, if your looking for a game with a more unique focus on gameplay I would read on.

Available for Xbox 360

2. Resonance of Fate

One of the more unique combat systems I have seen, the game uses bullet like trajectories for your characters as they battle everything from giant monsters to soldiers with dramatic  cinematic.  When the trajectories for these characters get lined up, you can perform tri attacks which give your characters additional attacks and damage.  The combat system is honestly a bit confusing when your begin learning, however you wont regret mastering it.

Playing as a team of three guns for hire, you will be required to complete various challenges, and face different characters and villains, throughout your journey to defeat and become the best player in the area.

The grahics are up to debate and really depend on personal taste.  For me there is a bit much going on, however for this is probably home for you die hard steampunk lovers.

The unique battle system aside, the game really shines  with a charismatic and quirky storyline like final fantasy which makes role playing much easier.  I may go as far as say the storytelling is done better to the point of watching a really good movie.   Plot twists and characters have great depth and are occasionally unpredictable.

Available for PS3 and Xbox 360

For those who enjoy Real time battles

3. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Prologue to 3

This game has received a lot of flack over the years as it brought lots of new players to the gaming world and may have got too popular. Then again, most of these games like Zelda have their strong fangroup.

The game has an enjoyable storyline that takes you through the different Disney worlds such as Tarzan, Aladin and many others. The game does not feel like your typical low budget movie game and offers a very indepth, sometimes lacking storyline.

The worlds are much smaller than the vast world of Zelda, however with so many of them it feels the same. Start out as a weak boy named Sora and grow powerful as you power up your keyblade and defeat powerful and challenging bosses. Available for PS2, PS3, PS4, DS, 3DS

Kingdom hearts 2.8, the prologue to kingdom hearts 3 has at long last been released (2017). It has a refreshing upgrade to the graphics and offers a similar playstyle to the classics.

There are quite a few games, I suggest playing these games in the correct order for the full experience.

4. Xenoblade Chronicles (Xenoblade 2 will be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2017)

This sci-fi fighter style game truly encompasses the RPG action you meet in Final Fantasy.  You will play as Shulk as he makes war with the Mechons, mechanical aliens you encounter throughout your journey.

The game uses a third person style battle system with AI allies that assist you on your journey.  Unlike many fantasy games, Xenoblade does all the battles in real time and doesn’t portal you to a battle stage.  The battle system can really be described as a real time final fantasy battle system where you use magic and swords to slay your enemies.

The game has quite a fan base like Final Fantasy for being a very polished all-around great game, with good use of humor and storytelling.

Available for Wii,  Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo Switch

5. Valkyria Chronicles

Blending both shooting style and strategy play together, this is another of the top games like Final Fantasy for those who love the original series.

Taking you through Europe, in a WWII style setting, players are enchanted with military themed fights, and are going to encounter different challenges in order to make it through the war-torn areas they move through during play. The unique game works you through the continent, in an attempt to avenge losses, death, and eventually become the winning nation in the fighter style game.

Available for PC PS3 and PS4

Other Games Like Final Fantasy

  • Chrono Trigger
  • The Last Story
  • Legend of Dragoon
  • The Last Remnant
  • Shining Force
  • Trails in the Sky
  • Disgaea
  • Xenosaga
  • Vagrant Story
  • Grandia
  • Dragon Quest
  • Darksiders 2
  • Wild Arms
  • Golden Sun

No matter which gaming platform you own, or what style or role play fighter gaming you have undertaken, there are many unique games which have followed the style of the classic Final Fantasy gaming series. These are a few of the games which do so. Not only do they offer a unique twist to the original game, they are also going to provide players with the similar fights, stages, and character development they have come to love, as fans of the many Final Fantasy games they have encountered and played over the years.

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