Competitive Strategy Games Like Starcraft 2 – 10 Best

Perhaps I have just bought into blizzard games, however starcraft 2 is still one of my most favorite games of all time.

The energy, passion, and straight up word slinging bashes behind almost every match gives a rush like no other, especially if your competitive like I am.

Then again…

starcraft is all I know.

I invite you on this journey with me as we embark on a quest to find other competitive games.  You SCV’s Ready? (StarCraft Venturers)

So before that,  here are some qualities specific to Starcraft II that I’ll be looking for

  • Balanced unit composition that is updated regularly.
  • Resource mining
  • Units can be selected and moved into position
  • Up to date Graphics
  • Good unit variety, however not too many
  • Better control over units can turn the tide of the game
  • Mediocre campaign
  • In game chat
  • Fast gameplay that relies on quick thinking and multitasking
  • Online multiplayer with leagues to show progress and fair matchups

While starcraft II does offer more than this, I feel these capture the heart of the game.

The Promising – Art of War: Red Tides is the game that is still coming soon…

While it was supposed to be released towards the end of 2016, the developers have ensured us that they have not forgotten about Red Tides.

I as much as anyone I know that a screenshot can be misleading…(actually it kinda is)   Art of War has a heavy focus on mass amount of units going into battle.    Instead of small armies like starcraft, this game has literally armies!    Between the fantasy elements and the epic armies, Red Tides is building up a hype that may help it thrive or destroy it.

The game has 3 races like starcraft with over 40 units for each race.  Personally I think it will be hard to get a competitive balance for the game between 120 units, however if you consider many of the 16 units in Starcraft 2 have abilities and the overall simplicity of the game it doesn’t seem as impossible.

The game operates different than Starcraft where your goal is to destroy 3 of the enemies turrets and base.    You get to choose 10 of the 40 units to battle with and then battle it out.   Its unclear how long each battle will take, however it seems like a simpler version of starcraft where you battle it out with skirmishes.    From there I imagine proper control of the units will be everything.  If not a match for starcraft 2, perhaps this will be a great game to harness your skills. (Reminds me of the many mini games in starcraft like Bunker Defense)

I am following the game closely, I will keep you up to date on it’s release.   Or you know,  you can follow them on Facebook since they don’t have a website that I can find.


Despite the games release in 2003, the Frozen throne offers all the qualities of Starcraft II and then some.   Release by blizzard, this game outshined starcraft 1 on it’s official release and still has occasional professional tournaments.

The game operates very similar to starcraft with the addition of hero units that level up while you play.    As these heroes level they gain specialized powers that are enough to turn the tide in any battle.   Each race consists of four different heroes to choose from for each of the four races: Orcs, Night Elves, Humans, and Undead.   The unit composition is fairly balanced once you learn how to use them.

games like command and conquer, warcraft 3, the frozen throne

Warcraft 3 was much more competetive back in 2003 and has slowly drifted out of the limelight.  There have been rumors floating around for some time now that a 4th release in the works.   This wouldn’t sunrise me with all the great RTS games coming out in 2017, blizzard may decide its time to step up.

The graphics are clearly outdated,  however still look oddly better than many of the recently released RTS games.

Company of Heroes 2 sorta fits the bill.

This a a unique and potential more realistic take on real time strategy games.

Right away you will notice the biggest difference with this game is you do not control the buildings, you sit back as a general and control the units.  There is also no resource collecting.   You take advantage of the environment and control units that behave as if they are in a first person shooter environment.


There are occasional tournaments with COH, however it has only received a fraction of the competitive crowd Starcraft 2 amassed.    None the less the game will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire game with non stop action and some fine strategic opportunities.

The Let Down: Command and Conquer Generals 2 Cancelled

One of the games that looked the most promising has been cancelled.      To be more accurate the game studio that was releasing the game was cancelled, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see this game resurface one day.

While Command and Conquer Generals 2 may be out of commision, you can still try out their app for IOS and Android.    Not exactly quality graphics, but not bad.

Other Games

To be honest,  there are not that many competitive games like starcraft 2,  however other less polished RTS games do exist that are more like command and conquer or Ages of the Empires.

Check out these games like command and conquer for a bigger list of RTS games

On a side note you can grab your phone and try out Clash of Clans or this super addicting browser game for some super simplified RTS action.

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