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Guild Wars 2, a fun new adventure with lots to offer. Here is a quick summary of some of the features in GW2

  • Five races
  • Nine classes
  • Character look and personality customization
  • Open world
  • Free to plat
  • Crafting
  • Quests
  • Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • Player vs player
  • World vs world
  • Weapon specific abilities
  • Public open world events
  • Level scaled down to area
  • Trait skill system

Although I was not stunned I as was pleasantly surprised as I explored this new and wondrous world.

guild wars 2


The Best

There is a lot to like in Guild Wars two, here are some of my favorites.

The Beginning

I actually really got into the story that starts the game and the beginning interactions I had. I also had to fight a BAM very early on that was awesome! I have heard that later on the story is disappointing, which doesn’t surprise me, but I am a little sad because I really liked it.


Character Selection

Character Selection

  • Five races and nine classes (one locked).
  • Skin, hair, body, and clothes with a variety of styles and colors.
hair selection

hair selection

I liked designing my character.

Clothes colors

Clothes colors

Probably my favorite part was the ability to change the color of my clothes. Normally, I get stuck with whatever newb outfit developers decide to give my character when I start and I strive to change it as soon as possible. Being able to customize my newb outfit, although didn’t change my status made me feel more invested in the game and like I was about to set out on my own unique journey.

Life choices was another great part. Character customization in GW2 moves past the normal standards of just physical traits and allows you to choose personality traits as well that alter your journey.

Personality Choices



Everything, characters, foliage, towns, monsters, water, etc. are gorgeous. There are a few spots where things appear to be slightly less than amazing due to a lack of detail work however most of these areas while I was playing were rocky hills or similar spots that mostly made sense. The flowers and other vibrant plants were stunning and from the moment I started the game I was transported to another world.

Battling System

So there are a few aspects to this.

First, World vs World conflict. Servers are pitted against each other in battles over land and a variety of locations in mini wars that can last for days. Although you can just rush through, teams who use strategy will do better.

Second, weapons. There is a lot of gear in GW2, the weapons stand out due to the unique abilities that each unique weapon comes with. A spear, sword, and bow are all going to have different and unique attacks.

Third, scaled areas. If you are tired of losing the sense of challenge as you travel once you achieve the higher levels, then this is for you. Regardless of your level, once you move to a lower level area you will be scaled down to that area so you can explore freely without feeling like a towering giant killing everything in site without the blink of an eye.

Events and Questing

This is one of my favorite features.

Although there is a map with hearts for areas you can specifically go for quests there is a lot more.

First of all events will randomly pop up and everyone near by can join in, rewards are dolled out according to the percentage of effort each player put into the event. The other great part of this is that if there are not enough players to defeat attacking forces, the battle can actually be lost. The contesting point will be taken over by the enemy which will trigger different events down the line than if they had been defeated.

Second, the quests, which can also be randomly spawning events, are location based. When you move into a new area quests will pop up that you can choose to complete however if you move to a new area they will get replaced by new quests. There are many of the standard “kill x” type quests only you do not have to bend down and loot ever one to collect, it adds it automatically. Many quests also have a few options of actions you can take to complete them, “kill x, repare y, heal z. etc.”

Between the events and the quests, GW2 feels a lot more natural than other MMORPGs.  The world feels more interactive and your part in it feels more important.

Free to Play

How can you beat this? There are new expansions that you will have to pay for if you want to newest features in the game. A few shiny images on your interface encouraging you to buy are also slightly annoying but hey, it’s free, I’m not gonna whine too much.

The Worst

No doubt different things bother different people, but there was a few problems that I had with GW2 that made it hard for me to truly love my experience.

Lack of Mounts

I am a mount lover. When I played World of Warcraft I worked tirelessly just to get a mount, only to lose interest quickly afterwards., however it was still lots of fun to ride my mount.

The upside of not having mounts is you are forced to take the beautiful world in more as you journey and it also makes the game harder and more realistic.

I would have loved to have mounts somewhere, even if you couldn’t use them everywhere or something similar to keep the hardness/realism in the game.

I just like to ride awesome looking animals!

Difficulty…or lack of

Every time I try a new MMORPG I am holding out hope. Maybe this time it will be harder, maybe this time I will have to actually calculate how to fight BAMs, maybe this time I will have to use half a brain when questing/traveling to make sure I don’t die.

And then I get let down.

Guild Wars 2 isn’t bad as far as difficulty, I would just like it to be a little harder. I have heard people say that dodging is necessary and maybe the World vs World or PVP combat is more challenging. However, as far as just normal combat in the game during questing or when taking on monsters, it would be very hard to die.


Now I am going to give GW2 a hard time now. I got stuck on a FLOWER!

I was involved in an event with other players and there was these cannon flower things you could plant that would throw fire balls at the enemy. I grabbed a seed, planted it, and it grew under me and I was floating in the air completely stuck.

It was however easy to brake free with a quick search online (type /stuck in the chat window).

I normally run into a few glitches in every MMORPG I play, they aren’t normally this bad but it could have been worse.

The Average

After taking at look at what I loved and hated, here are some things that Guild Wars 2 does well but didn’t blow my mind.

  • Controls
  • User interface
  • Enemies
  • Monsters

Overall, even though parts of Guild Wars 2 felt unique, the overall game felt very similar to other popular MMORPGs and nothing really stunned me with originality. 

This is good because if you like MMORPGs then you will be in familiar territory.

This is bad because if you like MMORPGs but are looking for something new, Guild Wars 2 may or may not be unique enough for you.


There is a lot in Guild Wars 2 that I have not played yet and still plenty of the world I have yet to explore so there are many features not included here that may get added at a later date.

If you love or hate this game, or if I got something wrong, let us know by filling out a review below!


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