10 Best Free Games Like Maplestory 2017

Don’t worry, all 10 are below,   I’m not one of those people to make you click through 10 pages of advertisements when most of you just want 10 game names.   I mean don’t get me wrong, I am evil… just not insensitive

I welcome you on your journey as you begin your hunt for your next MMORPG, oh and welcome to Kaidus!

Also check out the list at the bottom of similar games that have been shut down.

To help you out I am going to give you the formula for how I determined these games like Maplestory below.

  • Combo-driven, side-scrolling, free to play -MMORPG.
  • button mashing attacks
  • Extensive areas to explore
  • Great control system and easy user interface
  • Extensive community presence
  • Play to win, pay to win
  • Cartoon/chibi fantasy feel
  • A simple but epic fantasy story.
  • Repetitive enemies to defeat.
  • Repetitive fetch enemy drops and then carry elsewhere tasks.
  • Lots of themed dungeons and high-end quest portals dot maps.
  • Lots of unique elements to find and use.
  • Huge arsenal of attacks for each character that get insanely more powerful as you level.
  • Unique storyline for every character

1. Dragonica (Dragon Saga)

Unleash vicious powerful button mashing combination attacks against swarms of enemies and watch as they get burnt black or suffer other comical death animations.    Dragon Saga is a fixed camera side scrolling platformer that utilizes more depth than maplestory, meaning you can… Read Full Review.

2. La Tale


As far as looking for a maplestory clone, La tale offers similar graphics and gameplay, however it does have its unique qualities.  The combat differs slightly as you don’t take contact damage from enemies and each class has its own unique weapon.   One  of the biggest cons for this game when… Read Full Review

3. Tree of Savior (Also a mobile game)

Choose between four character classes: Warior, Archer, Wizard and Cleric.   This game is heavily multiplayer based where each class will play a different roles such as tank, healer and DPS.  Because the game is geared towards working together, you will find TOS has a very active… Read Full Review   

4. Elsword Online

The game feels more like a fighting game, where you do regular attacks like punches and kicks and eventually cut scene style epic attacks. There is less button mashing and more freedom with the movement system. Many say this game takes more skill to play… I would say only a fraction… Read Full Review

5. Dragomon Hunter

Another anime style game, Dragomon Hunter lives up to its name as you travel around taming and attacking beasts. The graphics are bright and cheerful. The battle system has a couple options to choose from that can make it feel more action packed rather than just tab targeting.  Right away you will… Read Full Review 

6. Grand Chase Eternal Reborn

The original game was actually shutdown and then fans of the game have brought it back, so you have to expect a smaller community.  This has always been one of the leading contenders with maplestory and mimics the gameplay very closely. The graphics are starting to look more outdated than maplestory as expected, the screenshot above is one of the better areas.  Many will agree the game is less pay to win than maplestory, however I haven’t looked into this since it’s recent release.


More Similar Games

(I’m eventually going to play all these games to sort out the ones that are good! 🙂

Not so Good Games

 Lunaria Story

Browser based game, Feels Glitchy – Autopath does everything for you, there is even an AFK mode that will play for you when your away.   The graphics and gameplay are very similar to maplestory otherwise.   If you are a super lazy player this might be for you.


Other Games- Paid Games and Single Player games

  • Final Fantasy World PS4 – Highly Recommended!
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail – Single Player RPG –  Price range is around 15 dollars on PS network and steam.
  • Adventure of Mana
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Dragon Quest

MMORPGS that have been shut down

  • Rainbow Saga
  • Windslayer
  • Eternal Dark
  • Wonderking
  • Dreamland Online
  • Holy Beast Online
  • secret of the solstice
  • ghost online

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