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Well, hello there traveler!

I assume since you came here that either you have tired of the wonderful MMORPG known as Tera or you are simply trying to broaden your horizons and discover what other interesting lands there may be out there to discover.

Fear not! I too have journeyed into Tera, savored the vast array of joys offered, and have also journeyed outside of Tera to collect a list of similar adventures for you to embark on.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the features that made Tera great and that the other games on this list will have in common.
  • In game battles require dodging and well timed attacks, victory is not solely reliant on stats but also real time skill
  • Quests are fairy basic and similar to other MMORPGs however some of them offer new adventures and are still enjoyable
  • Detailed and well done graphics that are engaging and fun to be a part of
  • Unique looking characters, lots of custimization
  • Offers many popular MMORPG aspects (crafting, PVE, PVP, class variation, mounts, quests, etc.) while adding some new and unique features


If you are looking for another MMORPG that offers you something new and different, Wildstar is the game for you.

Described by quite a few people as a mix of Ratchet and Clank and other games such as World of Warcraft, this game is totally different that what you might normally expect from a MMORPG. The battle system offers some new techniques that bring a new spin to the tab targeting pattern.

The graphics are much more up cartoon alley and do feel like they should be from a more comical and vibrant game like Ratchet and Clank however there is so much more to the game such as housing, crafting, PVP, wardrobe, dungeons, warplots, and others that fit perfectly into the MMORPG world.

You can also chose what path you want your character to journey on, from exploration to destruction, rather than just following a forced path like most other games do.

Aura Kingdom

This game has many differences from Tera however it does have some more unique features that make it stand out as a MMORPG.

The battle system is definitely lacking and would benefit from a more challenging controls and enemies. Many of the quests will require you to kill and collect from almost harmless woodland animals.  The art style and characters are very anime style and look cool if you enjoy that style.

There are a few different classes to choose from and then you will also choose a sort of sidekick to join you as well (an adorable unicorn and little dragon are two of the options).  Later on you can get mounts and better attacks and gear. Although the game is pretty basic at its core, there are some cute characters, colorful imagery, and unique ideas in the game that make Aura Kingdom stand out.

World of Warcraft

How could we make this list without including the classic?

Chances are you have either played World of Warcraft or you know why you don’t want to but if you have not, then it is a good alternative to Tera. The battle system is entirely tab targeting with little thought needed as far as aiming and the quests are nothing ground breaking, basic kill and collect again. However, you can play up to level 20 for free so it might be worth your time to give the classic MMORPG a shot just to know what everyone is talking about.

The graphics are great, detailed and vibrant, if you can turn them all the way up. Mounts, crafting, character customization, dungeons, gaining skills and better gear are all just the tip of the iceberg that is WoW.

Guild Wars 2

Since Guild Wars 2 went free to play it is impossible to leave it out of this conversation.

It doesn’t have any particularly unique features that stand out, although it does get rid of the classic tank, healer, and damage roles, but it more than makes up for that in the amount of content available.

Events randomly spawn in the open world that everyone near by can take part in, there are world verses world battles, as well as quests and other normal aspects of MMORPGs. The graphics are medieval/fantasy style, characters are somewhat unique but not entirely new as there is humans, centaurs, and elf looking characters to name a few.

To truly understand all that Guild Wars 2 has to offer would take hours of gameplay but I can say that it has enough to offer for at least a couple hours of distraction from your normal MMORPG grind.

Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter is another anime style game with some dragon battling and taming mixed in.

All the graphics in the game are colorful and energizing, even the viscous monsters as shown below.

While the basic design of the battle system is tab targeting, you do not have to actually use it as such. You can attack without it and therefore make the game more action oriented. The early quests are simple, nothing that original or ground breaking, however later on they get more interesting.

The dragomon are involved in every aspect of the game, you can have a ranch full of them if you want! Not to mention that your ability in some aspects, such as crafting, are directly related to what dragomon you own.

Along with the dragomon you get a helpful friend to journey with you called a hopalong. This small bunny looking character has even more class specializations than you will and it is a whole new adventure figuring out what talents, between yourself and your hopalong, complement each other best.

Dragomon is completely instanced instead of being open world, which is a let down. However, if running around surrounded by cute, and sometimes slightly scary, dragomons that you can tame, defeat, ride, or have a ranch full of to collect as many as you can sounds like fun, then Dragomon Hunter might just be the new game for you.

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