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Summoner’s War has you spawning and training monsters to fight with others players. One may say the game has a lot in common with the Pokemon franchise in that respect, but Summoner’s War has a heavier RPG element than Pokemon.

There is also far more grind involved and the variety of objects you can collect helps to diversify the game. Also, it is harder to train your monsters with Summoner’s War than it is with Pokemon.

Games Similar To Summoner’s War

There are quite a few free mobile apps that are very similar to Summoner’s War. This list tries to avoid most of them because many of them are unplayable or freemium-isn’t-free games. In an effort to curate good, playable and/or usable games, we have narrowed our list down to the games you see below.

1. Monster Super League

The first thing you will notice about Monster Super League is that the cartoon style is very similar to that of Summoner’s War. The other thing you will notice is how very similar that Monster Super League’s monsters are to Pokemon. Some of them are probably blatant copyright infringement.

Collect monsters, grow them, evolve them and have them fight. It’s clear what similarities it has with Pokemon and Summoner’s War. When you see the game you don’t immediately think Summoner’s War, you think Pokemon. However, since Pokemon is a classic monster training game, even if Monster Super League feels a little like a copy it still has some fun to offer.

2. Monster Legends

Gather food to feed your monsters, gold and crystals to help advance your monsters, and then take your monsters out to fight. You can fight against other players, or you can take on NPC monsters and bosses. Monster Legends really shines during the battle sequences. It doesn’t have the tactical edge that Summoner’s War has, which means there are fewer battle options and fewer defenses against attacks. Nevertheless, it is a highly rated game that you can play on-and-off during the periods of time when you are not playing Summoner’s War or whatever your poison is.

3. Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a strong competitor for Summoner’s War because the characters are each unique and have their own back-stories. The only problem is that it is a pay-to-win game. Grow your heroes by increasing their stats. All of the stats are very easy to understand and the results of strengthening each stat is obvious visible when you fight your next battle.

Unleash large multi-hit attacks during fights and improve your hero’s stats to help make them more specialized. The character designs are very detailed and the in-game graphics are impressive when you consider that this is primarily a mobile device game.

You can build squads or battle your friends and the HP/MP bars a very easy to see because they are not part of the player screen–they have their own panel at the bottom that has a black background to help your life and magic bars stand out. There is nothing in this game that makes it stand out in any significant way when compared with Summoner’s War but if you like Summoner’s War and you are looking for more of the same, then Brave Frontier may be the game for you.

4. Hello Hero

Hello Hero has a lot in common with the early Final Fantasy games that were only released in Japan. You have a small team of fighters for each battle and it is a turn based battle system. Hello Hero is far more basic than the other RPG games listed on this article. It might be good for people who find Summoner’s War a little too intense.

Hello Hero is a fine game, even if it is a little simplistic, and leveling up your characters is rewarding. The battle sequences are not overstated, the game doesn’t rely on fireworks and flashing lights to keep you entertained. Run along tracks fighting one enemy after another. Some notable differences, you do not train, grow, and pick a battle as you do with Summoner’s War.

5. Brave Brigade

Just like Hello Hero, you do not train and fight monsters with Brave Brigade, you are training and fighting human heroes (though you may use robotic devices too). Summoner’s War also has you train and fight your characters while collecting things, and there are plenty of things to collect in Brave Brigade, but there is far less customize. With Summoner’s War, you add your runes to get different statistical/elemental/event changes, but the customizing function with Brave Brigade only extends as far as adding new weapons and armor to change or alter your stats.

6. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

There is a far bigger focus on tactical play with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius than there is with the other games listed on this article. The tactical element is mostly grounded in the preparation stages when you customize your monster before battle when you play Summoner’s War and that is true to a small extent with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius but most of the tactical play occurs when you actually fight the battles.

Move your characters from location to location while you search for new items and fight monsters. Talk to people to receive new side quests, and gain new items or gil (currency) to gain access to better weapons and rarer items.

As with all the Final Fantasy games there is a big focus on the storyline. If you are looking to grow monsters as you do with Summoner’s War then this game is not for you. If you would like a different type of tactical fight,then Final Fantasy Brave Exviusid worth a shot.

7. Summoner

 It has a fairly intriguing story and a reasonably good battle system.

8. Clash Royale

 Ideally for people who are more interested in the fighting side of a game.

9. Any Pokemon Game

 We all know that Summoner’s War bares a passing resemblance to most Pokemon games. Travel around the world as you collect, train, and battle Pokemon.

10. Battle Of Beasts

Monster training and city building with the aim of battling other monsters.

11. GeoSociety Plus

Capture monsters and mature them so that you may send them into battle.

12 Micromon

 A pay-to-win Pokemon clone that is very well fleshed out and polished.

If you can think of a game like Summoner’s War that we left out, leave us a comment and let us know!

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