Luna Reborn: A funny and friendly MMORPG (Luna Story)

Luna Reborn: A Simple, but elegant MMORPG.

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Luna Reborn is a very typical 3D action MMORPG that is very similar to main staples of MMORPG like Warcraft or Final Fantasy IV.  The graphics are bright and anime in style.  You explore, fight monsters and form parties to face challenges.  The game has previously closed, but fans revived – hence the reason that it’s reborn.  Its a fun game, without any unique selling points to mention.


  • Colorful Anime Graphics with flashy moves.
  • Friendly community, spontaneous parties form in the field.
  • Expansive skill system that allows you to build classes in several ways.
  • Interesting dynamic where you swallow pills to turn yourself into a giant. As to why – I don’t know.
  • An interesting variety of enemies on the map.
  • All creates have boss versions on the map – although disappointingly these were the only bosses I found.
  • All areas are labelled for levels, making it hard to get lost and go into overpowered areas.
  • Series of kill and collect requests.
  • Very fast leveler.

Character Creation

There are three races to choose from Human, Elf and Majin.  The Human and Elf have three main classes to choose from Fighter, Rogue, and Mage.  These classes unlock and branch into different jobs depending on the race.  Humans, have distinctly different classes than Elves.  So in a way all builds are unique, and this gives an amazing amount of replay value.

Majin only has one class but is given a very versatile list of skill to choose from.  This allows them to be really versatile and fill any position in the party.

I choose and eleven rogue, with evil eyes.

There is a large of skills you can choose from to customize your character for play style – choosing from skills that only activate with certain weapons, such as bow or a dagger for example.  As you level up you get additional options to special your class, and scrolls to refocus skill and ability points.  One down side I found was the traits and abilities of these classes were never explained in detail in the game meaning that it was hard to choose the best option.  I’d suggest some research on the games wiki before choosing a class.

Here is an example of the skill tree:-


And your character stats screen:-

You also get to choose a faction to belong to which plays into the PVP servers as the opposing faction can attack without requesting a duel.


The story-line revolves around two factions fighting for the control of a world.  The evil side that just wants the world to burn and the non-evil side that would just like it toasty.  There is a whole history in the creation of the world and gods of creation that spark the divide.  So it like a cutesy and fantasy crusade minus the heretic burning and pillaging of religious cities.

Here is an example of the kind of quest dialogue you can expect:-

There is no over-arching plot that I have discovered as of yet.  I am just a wondering monster hunter who loves cleansing out monster infested mines.


Luna is a 3D action RPG that you can control with a mouse or the keyboard.  I found the keyboard option easier and quicker, as tab will allow you to select the nearest enemy target.   Once you have the target in range you can unleash a barrage of attacks.  For the rogue at least, you get lots of attacks that effect a targets movement speed, blindness as well as a push back move.  All the archers moves have some status alteration it seems.  I never used the dagger skills.  Here’s a look at the game play:-

The field map contains a range of different creatures, who usually have a boss creature that is just a more gigantic version of them.  These are the most challenging creatures I’ve come across in game. I would love some special boss to challenge but theses usually beat me in into the ground when I solo.

Progress is driven forward through a series of kill and collect the dropped material requests, some of which is repeatable.   As there is no main thread or plots quests can dry up in places leaving you floundering on what to do.  Surrounding areas however have level guides on them and guide your exploration, and you soon find new quests to fulfill.

You are given a pet and a mount quite early into the game.  These can be useful to aggro creatures whilst you unleash skills on them. Here’s a snap-shot of my horse and slime.  I also had a turtle mount I could have used.

You are also give a lot of armor and weapons through loot boxes.  These can give you weapons that you can’t use and duplicate weapons or armor.  By merge two of the same through enchanting (yes, I did just say that like Sandal) you get a better and improved piece of equipment, so that’s an advantage.

In terms of optional game-play and mini-games this game did not seem to have many.  It just focus on the core aspects MMORPG.


A lively and helpful community that is willing to swap gaming tips, provide help and form parties on a spot.  I formed a party with a person named Jack after the saved me from an irate goblin.  We saved another archer for a golem boss a little later who went on to join our group there and then.

So there are plenty of people to pair up with and lots of players willing to share their gaming tips and point in direction of easier quests.


The graphics are not the greatest I’ve seen in a free MMORPG but they are fun and stylish.  The ability moves have a short power up sequence that looks great.  When defeated enemies are escorts off the screen by death.  So although the graphics are technically great, there is an array of stylish moves that entertain and capture the eye.


Is a fun and fast paced RPG that has a lot of fun embellishments.  The tasks are a little repetitive but I found myself wanting to play on rather than stop.  The community is friendly and every proactive when it comes to partying.

Game-play 7 – repetitive but fun

Freedom 8 – lots to do with a character and lots of skill paths to unlock

Story – 5 – it is kind of weak and there isn’t much of one

Community – 8 – great bunch of players that are helpful and friendly

Graphics – 7 not technically fantastic but they have a fun style.


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