Blade & Soul Gameplay Review and Trailer

This is a martial arts based MMO with some awesome looking moves and characters.

At a first look this is just a basic fighting system engine however it actually t incorporates a need to calculate attacking and blocking in order to balance inflicting damage with maintaining your health since there is no healer or tank roles. The battles feel as though they require more skill to compete because of these restrictions and you’ll enjoy the challenging environment.

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Blade & Soul takes the normal MMORPG system and changes it in creative and fantastic ways.

If you like lots of character custimization and armor options, Blade and Soul is for you.

Instead of having to work for hours to earn very basic armor sets from the very beginning you get a variety of armor sets that look completely different. Some of the armor, such as pirate or Prince of Persia imitation looks for example, don’t seem like they have any place in an Asian martial arts MMORPG but somewhere they work…in a unique and awesome way.

Or you can bring Rock Lee from Naruto into Blade and Soul:

The most lacking part of Blade & Soul is the story but has little to do with the rest of the game so if you can get past it, enjoy the ride.

As far as questing goes, Blade & Soul is nothing new. The standard kill, collect, talk to quest givers, and escort people quests is pretty much the sum of it. While these quests can be grinding and easy at times if you like this sort of game, or if this is the first one you have ever played, then that probably won’t be a problem.

The best part of Blade & Soul is the combat system, without a doubt.

There are chains of attacks you have to do in just the right order as well as dodges to avoid enemy attacks and everything you do when facing more challenging enemies or PVP take thought and planning.


Another awesome aspect is the dungeons.

Instead of being forced to enter six man dungeons with a whole team you can go at it with just one other person so you will both have to be on the top of your game to defeat it. If you can though you will be rewarded for your effot as you walk away with the full amount of loot that is normally dropped for a six person team but you on’y have to split it between the two of you!

The weapon system is unique too as your blade is bound to you so in stead of constantly getting new and more powerful weapons, you will only be able to power up the weapon you started out with.

You can also craft in this game although it is done a littler differently than in games like World of Warcraft. Instead of learning the skill entirely on your own and gathering on your own, you will have followers that you hire to do everything for you. It will cost you money but over a period of time they can craft everything for you.

Instead of mounts you have the ability to fly, as well as dash for a short period of time in flight.

Blade and Soul has a lot to more offer and as I discover it this review will continue to get updated.


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