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Games like World of Warcraft - The Best MMORPGS

Discussion in 'Games Like... Video Game Reccomendations' started by Kaidus, Oct 23, 2016.

By Kaidus on Oct 23, 2016 at 1:48 AM
  1. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    With so many MMORPG's on the market, telling the good from the bad is a complicated process. To narrow things down a little we will be looking into a few specific qualities that WoW has offered us, then we will see how other games compare. (the games below will have most of these)

    • Quality of graphics (beauty and detail)
    • Battle system (similar to WOW)
    • Mount system
    • Diversity of classes and specialties
    • Diversity of character and worlds
    • Character customization

    Some of these games are so similar to WoW that they could be attempted replications while others are mostly different than WoW but still have some general similarities.

    I will be leaving out some games that are widely regarded as similar that you have probably already heard of, like Star Wars Old Republic or Elder Scrolls Online. Some of these games may not be the best but at least they will be new and different.

    Games Like World of Warcraft

    1. Rift
    Rift has attempted to take all the things that MMORPG's are famous for and improve on them to make a more interesting and captivating game. The breaks in the sky which form the rifts through which monsters fall are engaging as all players take part. You will feel more free when exploring the vast worlds as there are far fewer invisible walls than in WoW as players are encouraged to scale these rough terrains for rewards.

    2. Guild Wars 2
    Guild-wars-screen-shot-mmorpg-games-like world-of-warcraft.jpg
    This game may take some getting used when you first play and the first levels may also be boring. If you stick with it you can truly enjoy a game that offers a well balanced player vs. player system, unique characters that change based on in game choices, and events that spawn randomly forcing players to work together in the battlefield to survive. The game is free to play so even if it doesn't blow your mind it will certainly entertain you for a few hours if not weeks.

    3. Allods Online
    The graphic style and world are the most similar to WOW in Allods Online. There are 7 races split between two seperate factions, some of which are pretty unique, and 10 classes. The quests are also similar to WoW (not sure this is a good thing). This game does not have any features that scream out but is a pretty basic idea that could satisfy you for a few hours. If you are looking for a slightly different take with high similarities to WoW then you might want to give it a try.

    4. Tera
    Tera introduced a complex a battle system in which you actually have to time your dodges, blocks, attacks, and spell casting accurately or else you will be mercilessly killed. Dungeons will pit you against awesome foes allowing you to take full advantage of the battle system with other players and a diversity of characters and landscapes helps to keep the game interesting. I feel this game scores highest if gameplay is what you look mmorpgs

    5. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
    Square Enix remade the original Final Fantast XIV into A Realm Reborn after the original release was a disappointment, thus created a far superior game. Players can alternate between classes while playing the game and there is also a mentor system for new players to learn the game and classes faster. Leveling is done primarily through fates, or events, which spawn in the world while dungeons are less rewarding but overall, this game offers a refreshing change from WoW.

    6. Skyforge
    The game starts right out with action and the glorious cinematic attacks similar to the movie 300. Character custimization offers huge variety of looks to choose from, some that could fit into the real world and some that definitely belong in the fantasy world. You are also able to change between the starter classes whenever you want. The world is not open, it is more of a dungeon grinder that you access from a single location that portals you into whatever area that you want. If you enjoyed just running dungeons in WoW or are looking for games like world of warcraft with less travel, this might be for you.

    7. Blade & Soul
    This is a martial arts based MMO with some crafty looking moves and characters. At a first look this is just a basic fighting system engine. It incorporates a need to calculate attacking and blocking in order to balance inflicting damage with maintaining your health since there is no healer or tank roles. The battles feel as though they require more skill to compete. If you don't plan on mostly utilizing group dungeons and PVE battles, be prepared for a glitchy PVP system.

    8. Forsaken World and Perfect World

    You might say these two games are two sides of the same coin. They both offer highly customizable characters along with an array of race and class choices, are designed around leveling through quests, and the basic abilities that you start with are both very similar to WoW. These games are older in the MMORPG world, however they still get their updates.
    Forsaken World offers a set of unique characters as you can play as a vampire or lycan, along with the normal human, dwarf, elf, etc. Choices for a MMORPG Quests tracking is automated so you do not have to spend time finding NPCs and can quickly run through the beginning levels. If you enjoyed the simplicity of WoW then you will probably enjoy both World games, they do not try to reinvent the wheel but just take a slightly different take on it.

    9. Swordsman Online

    If you missed having a story in WoW, here it is, or at least the martial arts Chinese novel version. The music is beautiful and the graphics are great as well. Although the voice acting is all in Chinese there are subtitles to pull you into the story. The game is not open world and quest tracking can be automated. The primary draw to play is honestly the story itself. The story connects great with the gameplay as the various schools and classes that you choose from influence the PVP attributes.

    10. Path of Exile

    This game has a very different feel to it than WoW as its not quest focused. Each time you level up you will have a choice of how to upgrade and use your powers. The story is not compelling and if you are interested more in the action side of WoW then this game is worth a shot.

    11. Aura Kingdom

    The world in this game is gorgeous and friendly feeling as it is a colorful anime style game. There are 13 different classes none of which are gender locked. You will also be able to choose a companion and customize your abilities as you go through the game. If you enjoyed WoW for the graphics and you enjoy the anime look then you might like this one. Highly addictive, then again most games like world of warcraft are.

    I hope you enjoyed these suggestions. If you feel I have missed an important one, comment them below.
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Discussion in 'Games Like... Video Game Reccomendations' started by Kaidus, Oct 23, 2016.

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